I love making and building things on the internet and social media. Here are some of those things!

🤖 The Greg Brown Bot.
Why have a conversation with somebody when you can just interact with them through a chatbot? I'm only half-kidding. The Greg Brown Bot is the automated, interactive version of me. If you're not quite ready to have a real conversation with me, this is a great way to start!

🏈 Jim HarBot
I grew up in Ann Arbor with parents who are both University of Michigan alumni, so my sports fandom runs deep for the maize and blue. Jim Harbaugh says absolutely wild things all the time. Jim HarBot tweets out ridiculous Harbaugh quotes twice a day.

🥣 Seinfeld Cereal
Seinfeld is the best TV show of all time, but there's one element of the series that is criminally underrated: Jerry's love of cereal. This is my attempt to document every scene in Seinfeld featuring America's favorite breakfast. Spoiler alert: there's a lot of it.